Experience of use Keto Guru

მოგესალმებითWelcome to Vela! My name is Eva, I bought Keto Guru effervescent tablets on the official website and ordered them in Chisinau.

This bio-supplement for weight loss has become a real boon for me. Thanks to its action, which can really be called a miracle, I gained 7 kilograms!

I will tell you a little more about this experience with this drug.

How to use the product?

Everything is very simple: get drunk in the morning. Just open a glass of water - and many processes in my body have already begun. Experience has shown that all genius is simple. The photo shows the result of using Keto Guru.

Eva after weight loss with Keto Guru tablets

How long does it take to get the supplement?

I have been drinking for 2 weeks. But everyone speaks differently. Shelf life depends on the purpose of weight loss, but should not exceed 1 month.