Exercises to reduce the abdomen and sides

Beautiful woman with a sexy belly, skinny year, men go crazy. . . Well, what woman does not want this? Unfortunately, each of us has encountered (or will continue to face) the problem of excessive abhorrent centimeters of the abdomen and sides. This is due either to the wrong rhythm and nutrition of life, or to pregnancy and postpartum recovery. And the hardest part is that the fat leaves the belly and sides.

Exercises to reduce the abdomen and sides

Everyone should have a nice fit figure, but only a few are willing to work on it. Some legacies allow you to eat everything and not get better, while others do not. Yes, it is offensive and unfair. You can meditate for two minutes, then gather your thoughts and strength and start working on yourself.

The hardest part of losing weight and exercising is self-organization. You need to get rid of old bad habits and start new good ones. This applies to nutrition and physical activity. In order not to forget and do not be lazy to do daily exercises to lose weight on the abdomen and sides, try to hang a calendar on the wall in front of your eyes and mark it on it every day during exercise. You can even set a reminder on your phone.

With regular exercise, in two to three weeks you will see good results on the abdomen and sides:

  • Fat deposits will be reduced;
  • The skin tightens;
  • Blood circulation and general condition of the body will improve.

Be sure to remember to warm up all the muscles before you start exercising. As a warm-up, you can run on-site and elementary exercises from school physical education. It is advisable to get a gymnastic hoop and wear comfortable clothes for exercise.

Exercises for regular exercise

The most favorable time for physical activity is considered to be from 10 am to lunch or from 6 pm to 8 pm. But not everyone can adjust their schedule within these deadlines, so find your own convenient option. Do not exercise after eating and do not eat immediately after exercise. You can drink a small amount during exercise because with diligent exercise you will sweat and lose water from your body and you will have to replenish its reserves. To successfully lose weight on the sides and abdomen, you need to do it at least 3 or 4 times a week. But it would still be better to devote 30-40 minutes to exercise every day. Do not be lazy.


This exercise will not only make the gluteal muscles elastic and beautiful, but also tighten the abdominal muscles. Use weight: dumbbells or a two-liter bottle of water. Stand up straight, draw the abdomen, place the legs at a distance of 20 cm from each other. When exhaling, close your arms forward (do not lift your heels off the floor, make sure the elbows do not extend beyond the toe line), return to the starting position while exhaling. Sit 15-20 times.

Deviation - Option 1

Lie on the floor, bend your knees, cross your arms behind your head. Lift the shoulder blade off the floor and tighten the abdominal muscles, hold this position for 5 seconds, return to the PI (initial position). Spread your elbows to the sides and lift your chin up. Perform this exercise 10 times. This is where the right abdominal muscle works, on which the cubes of the abdomen appear.

Deviation - Option 2

The PI is the same as in the first option, but when climbing, you need to reach the right elbow with the left knee and vice versa. Perform the exercise 8 times for each side. The muscles of the abdomen are developed.

Leg lift

At the initial level, this exercise can be done lying on the floor, a more difficult option would be to exercise on a wall strip or cross. So, lie on the floor, stand on your feet, you can hold your hands on the couch or fold them over your head. Pull your abdomen and press it to your back, not lifting your lower body off the floor. Slowly raise your straight legs to the highest height for you (ideally perpendicular to the floor), stand in this position for a few seconds, and try to slowly lower them. Repeat 8 times.


Lie on the floor, put your hands on your head, lift your legs, bend your knees and do the "pedals" for 1-2 minutes or longer.

Pillow exercise. Lie on your back, hold the pillow with your feet, lift them 45 degrees, and draw circles of different sizes in the air until the muscles begin to burn. Do not do any painful exercises, but try to do your best.

Major torso lifts. They are performed while lying on your back, bending your knees and stretching your elbows behind your back. Do not press your chin to your chest and do not strain your neck. Inhale while lying on the floor, exhale while sitting. It is necessary to complete 16-20 such elevators.

"Broken Scissors"

This exercise is designed to work not only the abdominal muscles but also the spine. Lie on your stomach and lift your legs (do not bend them, keep them straight). Make 4 touches with your feet (one against the other), relax for a few seconds. Repeat the "scissors" 4-5 times.


Take the starting position - start on the abdomen, spread your arms forward. Raise your right arm and opposite leg and stretch, tense your back and abdomen. Pull down and repeat on the other side. Now lift and spread both arms and legs, hold this position for 10 seconds and relax. Create Superman again.


This is another static exercise, but very effective for the abdomen and sides, but quite difficult to perform. Focus on lying, leaning on your elbows, body should be flat and stretched like a string, do not bend your back, do not lift your back up. Hold this position for 1-2 minutes. If this is too long and difficult for you, then stop for as long as possible, but at least 10 seconds. Because the abdomen, back, lower back, legs and buttocks are tense, subcutaneous fat burns and many muscles in your body become stronger.

Standing side curves

Such inclinations will help to get rid of extra inches on the sides and find a beautiful waist. Stand up straight, with your legs slightly apart and perform 10 turns to the right as far down as possible, lowering your right hand to your thigh and with your left hand extending your head to the side. Then make 10 turns to the left. It will be more effective if you hold the weights in your hands.

The exercise "mill" is done from the same starting position as the previous one, only the inclines are carried forward, with the hands alternately touching the opposite fingers. Do not bend your legs at the knees, so you also stretch the back muscles of the thigh and buttocks.

Gymnastics Hoop

Rotation of the gymnastic hop at the waist helps to dissolve fat on the abdomen and sides, perfectly paints the waist. You can rotate the hoop for 10 minutes to half an hour and add even more if desired. You can choose metal hula hoops or plastic attachments. The main thing is that it does not weigh more than 2 kg, otherwise bruises can be avoided.

In the practice of football

Fitball will help strengthen the relief of the abdominal muscles. The secret of this type of exercise lies in the fact that you need to keep your body in balance while doing the torso back and forth to the knees. Also, remember to monitor your breathing.

Combine diet with exercise

You need to understand that physical activity alone will not give the desired result to those who are overweight. In this case, you can achieve the opposite effect - increased volume of muscle tissue will visually increase your weight. Therefore, fitness trainers recommend combining exercise with proper nutrition. This way you will achieve the best result in a short time.